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Found in 2016, Eminence is headquartered in 218 Sangtian Street, 3F, Building 24, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China. It is dedicated to the research and development, production and supply of supporting services for cell culture media, especially chemically defined media for CHO cells and 293 cells.

Eminence has established its quality management system that meets domestic and international industry standards in accordance with the GMP, QSR 820 and ISO 13485, covering quality control from raw materials to finished products. The validated manufacturing process and analytical procedures ensure that Eminence can supply high-quality products and flexible and efficient services to customers.
Eminence has set up a professional team and possesses independent patented technologies, for which it has established a CHO cell culture medium formulation library, and developed and marketed culture medium products suitable for different cell lines such as CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44, HEK 293 and BHK cells. In addition, Eminence supplies media formulation optimization and development and customized production of media to fully meet customers' personalized needs for cell culture media.

Product Line

I. CHO Cell Culture Medium Platforms

01 Cell culture platform for CHOZN, CHO-K1 and CHO-S cells

  • The platform supports high-density suspension culture and protein expression

  • It is extensively used in the culture of such cells as CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, CHO-S and CHOZN by the leading pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad 

  • Products: EmCD CHO® 101 culture medium series, EmCD CHO® 104 culture medium series and EmCD CHO® 121 culture medium series

02 Transient CHO Transfection Platform

  • This platform is used directly without domestication, especially suitable for transient expression of ExpiCHO-S.

  • It can be used in combination with different feed brands available on the market due to its high extensibility.

  • Products: EmCD CHO-S 203 Medium and Feed

03 CHO Cloning Platform

  • This platform is widely used in the preparation of monoclonal antibodies with cell lines including CHO-K1, CHO-DG44 and CHO-S.

  • It can improve the growth rate and expression of the cells for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies.

  • Products: EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium

04 CHO Perfusion Platform

  • This platform applies to the CHO cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, DG44, etc.

  • Eminence can provide guidance on the perfusion culture process and optimization and development services of perfusion culture media for various biopharmaceutical companies with this platform.

  • Products: EmCD CHO® 906 Perfusion Medium

II. HEK293 Cell Culture Medium Platforms

01 EmCD HEK293 Plus Medium series

  • They support high-efficiency transient transfection and protein expression of HEK293 cell lines, and can also be used for high-efficiency proliferation of adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus (LV) and adenovirus (AdV).

  • The 293 Basal Medium increases the expression titer significantly when used in combination with 293 Feed and Supplement 1.

  • Products: EmCD HEK293 Plus Medium series

III. Other Cell Culture Medium Platforms

01 EmACF BHK 300 Medium

  • It supports the rapid growth of BHK cells, as well as the efficient amplification of pseudorabies virus, rabies virus, Newcastle disease virus, etc.

  • Uniform morphology and size without clumping and high cell viability can be achieved for cell passage and batch culture.

  • Products: EmACF BHK 300 Medium

IV. Classical Media

  • They are extensively used in the culture of a variety of mammalian cells and tissues

  • Large-scale production capacity that complies with GMP can be realized and batch-to-batch stability can be ensuring using these media

  • Various classical media can be customized

  • Products: DMEM, MEM, IMDM, MEM α, Ham's F-12K, RPMI 1640 media, etc.

V. EM CHO-K1 Cell

Eminence has introduced a source-defined, safe and reliable and cost-effective CHO-K1 cell line (trade name: EM CHO-K1) from the source of CHO, for which it has full licensing right. It can be flexibly licensed to biopharmaceutical companies for project R&D and commercialized production or as a one-time non-exclusive buyout option. Currently, the EM CHO-K1 cell line has been used by customers in the projects at clinical study stages.

Eminence has established a complete EM CHO-K1 cell bank and carried out comprehensive testing via a third-party authoritative testing institution (Charles River Laboratories) according to GMP requirements, including identification, mycoplasma, sterility, adventitious pathogens, etc.

Leveraging years of technical expertise, Eminence has developed expression vectors compatible with CHO cells for the expression of monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

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