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Eminence Opens New GMP Cell Culture Media Manufacturing Facility

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-07      Origin: Site

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Eminence Biotechnology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. ("Eminence") is delighted to announce that its state-of-the-art facility for the commercial production of cell culture media ("the new facility") is now fully operational. The opening aims to address the rapidly growing demand for high-quality media in the fields of vaccines, gene therapies, cell therapies, antibodies, and recombinant proteins.

Located at the BIOBAY Phase II, Suzhou Industrial Park, the new facility occupies approximately 7,000 square meters and comprises dedicated zones for media production, warehousing, and laboratory functions. With three dry powder production lines and two liquid production lines, the facility boasts an annual output of up to 20 million liters of dry powder media and 300,000 liters of liquid media.

Equipped with cutting-edge vertical pin-milling manufacturing technology and bolstered by world-class utility systems, the new facility adheres to international GMP standards, ISO9001, and ISO13485 regulations. It is designed to provide biopharmaceutical companies worldwide with consistently high-quality, batch-to-batch stable cell culture media products.

Frank Song, Chairman and CEO of Eminence, commented, "From the very beginning, our focus has been firmly set on the field of cell culture media. After over seven years of growth, our factory in Changzhou has reached its capacity, and this new facility was designed leveraging the operational experience from Changzhou and integrating it with more advanced large-scale pin-milling technology to standardize production processes, ensuring stable and continuous production."

The new facility was brought to life through a partnership between Cockram Project Limited and Zhongshi Chemical Engineering Construction, the general contractor. "With the collective professional expertise and collaborative effort, we aim to provide a stable supply chain and reliable products for robust production and emerging drug development for our clients," Frank Song added.

Aligning with Eminence's core values of Expertise, Evolution and Excellence, the new facility aspires to solidify its position as a trusted partner for global biopharmaceutical companies. It stands as a testament to the company's enduring commitment to enhancing client value through exceptional quality and innovation.

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Founded with a commitment to making meaningful contributions to life sciences development, Eminence adheres to the values of Expertise, Evolution and Excellence, striving to supply high-quality, reliable cell culture media products and services. For more information, visit Eminence at

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