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From DNA to RCB
From Media Formula Development to Custom Media Manufacturing
Our Innovation to Fuel Your Success
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Innovation to Fuel Your Success

We commit to making science-based solutions for scientific research and 
human wellbeing, everywhere.
Our Cell Culture Solutions Are Built on Our Proprietary Cell Culture Media and Media Development Capabilities​​​​​​​
EmCD HEK293 Plus Medium
EmCD CHO-S 203 Medium
EmCD CHO® 101 Basal Medium
EmCD HEK293 Plus Medium
EmCD CHO-S 203 Medium
EmCD CHO® 101 Basal Medium

More Than Just Cell Culture Products

We understand your needs and we adhere to and surpass ISO and cGMP standards. Eminence’s excelling support delivers highly flexible solutions and high-performing results for your application.
High-Performing and Reliable Products
From Stringent Quality System

We Partner with the Science-Driven

As the innovator in this industry, the Eminence family welcomes cell culture scientists and biotechnicians to make scientific achievements while building their careers.
Joining Eminence Has Been Proven the Best Choice

Committed to Enhancing the Performance

We apply our commitment to persistent innovation, our understanding of customer needs, and our relationships with reliable suppliers to deliver ideal cell solutions, wherever and whenever bioscience is developed.
EmCD CHO® Cell Culture Media
Our EmCD CHO® cell culture media are completely chemically defined, without proteins, growth factors, hydrolysates, or components of unknown composition.
Media Formulation Development
The high-throughput screening platform allows us to screen 200 formulas in one go. We deliver high-performing cell culture media customized and optimized to be YOUR media for your specific project with ideal stability and quality.
Facility & Quality
Our quality system and facilities are ISO certified and fully cGMP compliant, for lot-to-lot consistency and stability of the products.
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