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Em CHO-K1 Cells

Product Overview

Em CHO-K1 cell presents a unique blend of quality and flexibility, backed by an impeccable paper trail of documentation. The CHO-K1 cell line, first isolated by Dr. Theodore T. Puck in 1957, has been procured from esteemed American research institutions. Eminence has since adapted original cell from serum containing medium to proprietary chemically defined Em CD CHO® medium and grown in suspension culture. The cell line has undergone rigorous tests by Charles River Laboratory to ensure safety and quality in compliance to GMP standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Transparency and Documentation

    Our cell bank comes with comprehensive documents and records ensuring traceability of all raw materials used during adaptation.

  • Licensing Flexibility

    Commercial users will benefit from our flexible licensing structure, which forgoes royalties, thereby reducing ongoing operational costs.

  • Rigorous Quality Control

    Each cell bank is accompanied by a comprehensive test report generated by Charles River Laboratory. These reports encompass an array of quality indicators, including cell line identification, sterility, mycoplasma, and pathogen status.

  • Serum-free Medium

    Our cell line is adapted for suspension culture in serum-free, chemically defined Em CD CHO® medium.

  • GMP Compliance

    Em CHO-K1 cells are banked and characterized in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), assuring the highest standards for quality and safety.

Storage & Logistics

Storage Requirements: For maximum longevity and stability, the cells are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C

Shipping Procedures: Cells are securely shipped in liquid nitrogen to ensure their integrity and viability

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