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Eminence has abundant successful cases of stable cell line development. We developed a proprietary platform incorporating host cell (CHO-K1), expression vectors, and cell culture media/feeds, guaranteeing rapid development time and high expression levels of mAbs and recombinant proteins. State-of-art devices (including imaging system) can ensure the clonality of the cell lines. We can also offer optional solutions to take the cell line performance up a notch by leveraging with Eminence’s experiences in media formulation for the optimal development strategy for the clients’ applications.
Eminence’s Stable Cell Line Development Service:
• From DNA to RCB: within 4-6 months
• With an average yield of 4-6 g/L in fed-batch culture
• Upstream process development (deep well plates, shake flask and bioreactor)
• Advanced imaging system to ensure the monoclonality of the cell lines
• Optional services: media optimization and upstream process development
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