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About Eminence

Eminence stands at the forefront of cell culture media research, development, and production. We are dedicated to providing customized, chemically defined media for a variety of cell lines, including CHO cells and 293 cells.

Our manufacturing facility, covering an area of 7000㎡, operates under the stringent guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This unwavering commitment to quality control ensures that our products consistently uphold the highest standards.

We employ cutting-edge Pin-Milling technology, which facilitates an annual production capacity of 500 tons for cell culture media. This capability allows us to reliably supply high-quality products in flexible batch sizes ranging from 3kg to 2000kg, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

Our team, composed of highly skilled professionals, has successfully developed specialized media products for various cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44, HEK 293, and BHK cells.

In addition to our product offerings, we provide a comprehensive suite of custom services. These include medium formulation development/optimization and media production, all tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Pioneering Innovation

We embody innovation in the life science industry.

Eminence strives to deliver innovative and reliable cell culture solutions, significantly enhancing cell line performance for scientists and professionals in the life science industry, ultimately driving their success in advancing human wellbeing

Innovation to Fuel Your Success

We understand that scientists and professionals in the life sciences industry face immense pressure to enhance performance, deliver superior value, and foster innovations that benefit a greater number of people. The need for reliable, innovative solutions is palpable.

This is where Eminence steps in. We are committed to bolstering your performance with our innovative solutions, and we are ceaselessly exploring new avenues for improvement.

Our primary objective is to offer practical, innovative solutions that drive your success in enhancing human wellbeing.

We understand that as scientists and professionals in the life sciences, you face the constant challenge of delivering enhanced performance and superior value. You are tasked with driving innovations that improve the lives of many. You need solutions that are not only innovative but also reliable.

This is where Eminence steps in. We are here to support you, to help improve your performance with our innovative solutions. We are continually exploring new avenues for improvement.

Our commitment is to provide practical and effective solutions that empower your success in enhancing human wellbeing. Remember, we are on this journey together.

Beyond Cell Culture Products

At Eminence, we don't just create products, we create solutions. Rooted in your needs and inspired by the necessities of patients worldwide, we craft solutions for cell line development, cell culture formulation, and manufacturing. Our ambition fuels our performance, pushing us to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of the people. With our unyielding efforts and dedication, we're not simply producing and selling cell culture products; we're finding avant-garde ways to improve results and make a lasting impact.
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