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EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium

Catalog No. Product Name Appearance Volume
L21200.0500 EmACF CHO 212 Cloning  Medium Liquid 0.5L

Product Overview

EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium is meticulously crafted for an array of CHO cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHOZN, CHO-S, and CHO-DG44. This formulation, marked by its incorporation of plant-derived hydrolysates and being devoid of serum and animal-origin components, sets the gold standard in quality, compliance, and performance.

Key Features

  • Serum-Free & Plant-Derived Components: Our medium eliminates serum and animal-derived components, integrating plant-derived hydrolysates to provide a consistent and controlled environment.

  • Optimized for Clonal Selection: Specifically designed for single clone cell line selection during development, enhancing the growth rate of single clone cells for optimal screening.

  • Versatility in Application: Tailored for limited dilution and single-cell clone plating, this medium showcases versatility across various applications.

  • Broad Applicability for CHO Cell Lines: Exclusively formulated for diverse CHO cell lines, making it your top choice for cell culture applications, particularly in cloning processes.

  • GMP Compliance and Quality Assurance: Manufactured according to GMP standards, EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium offers unmatched consistency and control, meeting the demanding standards of the industry.

  • Simplified Process Development: Whether delving into initial research or extensive biomanufacturing, EmACF CHO 212 ensures a smooth integration, advancing your developmental objectives.

Considering to Use EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium

  • When undertaking various CHO cell line developments and aiming for the best clonal selection.

  • When prioritizing elevated cell growth rates and strict adherence to GMP standards in your operations.

Product Information


Serum free medium

Cell Line:CHOZN, CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44


Animal-component free, Growth-factors free

Data Chart


EmACF CHO 212 Cloning Medium demonstrates the power to significantly improve cell growth and productivity

Storage & Logistic

Storage Conditions: 2°C to 8°C, protect from light

Shipping Conditions: Ambient

Expiration Date of Liquid Product: 12 Months


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