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Eminence can provide biopharmaceutical companies with specialized ACE CHO-K1 and Em CHO-K1 host cells, which are flexibly licensed according to the different phases of the client's project (research phase, IND phase, commercialization). Relying on years of technical accumulation, Eminence has established a mature cell line development platform based on Em CHO-K1 and ACE CHO-K1 host cells and pEmGS series of double sieve vectors. With our extensive experience in cell culture medium formulation development, Eminence also provides the best development strategies for customers' applications, resulting in superior cell line performance.

Cell Line Authorization Service:
With the whole process of detailed, complete experimental records and documentation reports, to ensure the traceability of host cells.
Through the third party authoritative testing organization testing
The host cells were obtained after serum-free suspension domestication and verification without genetic modification.
Flexible commercial licensing is available
Based on the host cells, Eminence established mature cell line development platform. Eminence has rich experience in medium formulation development which can provide the best development strategy, and the cell line performance is more excellent. The whole cycle from DNA to RCB is 4-6 months, and the average yield of fed-batch culture is 4-6g/L.

Em CHO-K1 host cells

Eminence introduced the original CHO-K1 cells from American research universities, successfully domesticated them into the Eminence CHO cell culture medium, conducted single cell screening, and established the Em CHO-K1 cell bank. Mycoplasma, sterile and foreign pathogens were tested by Charles River Laboratories. The whole process has a complete and detailed experimental records and documentation reports. The reagent raw materials used, especially animal source materials such as serum, have qualified documents that meet the relevant requirements.
Eminence has full autonomy over the Em CHO-K1 host cells and can license them according to the needs of different phases of the client's project (research phase, IND phase, commercialization), or in a lump sum without paying a sales dividend.

According to the comparison between our experimental data and the public quality data of Trastuzumab, the quality data of Trastuzumab expressed by Em CHO-K1 and ATCC CHO-K1 were all within the acceptable quality range.

ACE CHO-K1 host cells

After suspension acclimation, a master cell bank (MCB) and a working cell bank (WCB) of CHO-K1 were established. Mycoplasma, sterile and alien pathogens were tested by Charles River Laboratories. After domestication, the host cell was named “ACE CHO-K1”.

The ATCC® CCL-61™ cell line (CHO-K1 | ATCC) is used under license from ATCC®. The ATCC® trademark and trade name and any and all ATCC® catalog numbers are trademarks of the American Type Culture Collection.

Eminence can license various phase (research phase, IND phase, commercialization phase) of ACE CHO-K1 projects to customers.
Comparison of stable screening results of Em CHO-K1 and ATCC CHO-K1 cell lines
EM CHO-K1 expression of Trastuzumab quality analysis results
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