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New Product Launch | Classical Media with Ultra-low Endotoxins Unleash the Potential of Cell Culture Techniques

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Cell culture techniques have revolutionized the landscape of biomedical research, drug development, and biotechnological innovation. At the core of this transformative science lies the cell culture media, nutrient solutions that sustains cell growth in artificial environments.

If you are seeking a high-quality culture medium with low endotoxins and outstanding consistence of performance, the classical media from Eminence is your solid choice.

Similar but Distinct

1. Quality comparable to industry benchmarks: Their quality is on a par with industry benchmarks like GIBCO to ensures high accuracy and reliability for sensitive tests such as cytotoxicity evaluation, cell transfection and gene editing.

2. Rigorous endotoxin control: Eminence has superior endotoxin control. High batch-to-batch consistency and low endotoxin levels is ensured with a stringent quality management system.


Acceptance Criteria for Endotoxins in GIBCO (from the CoA for GIBCO)

Result of Endotoxins in the Products from Eminence


<0.05 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL

Medium 199

<0.1 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL


<0.01 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL


≤0.04 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL

RPMI 1640 Medium

≤0.04 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL

DMEM/F-12 Medium

0.04 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL

Ham’s F-12K Medium

≤0.04 EU/mL

<0.04 EU/mL

Table 1: Comparative Analysis for Endotoxin Testing

3. Multi-purpose applications: Our Classical Media can provide steady and reliable support in drug development, vaccine research, or regenerative medicine.

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